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Nelvana Enterprises, Inc. (/ˈnɛlvɑːnə/) (previously known as Nelvana Limited) is a Canadian animation studio and children's entertainment company owned by Corus Entertainment. Founded in 1971, it was named by founders Michael Hirsh, Patrick Loubert and Clive A. Smith after a Canadian comic book superheroine created by Adrian Dingle in the 1940s. The company's production logo is a polar bear looking at the North Star, although a design featuring multiple stars was in use from 1985 to 2004. Most of their films, shows and specials are based on licensed properties, mainly children's literature but also comic books and novels, however original programming is also part of its roster. It ventured into the world of live action from its establishment in 1971 and continues to do so.


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Former Contractor - Animator says

"Higher ups are verbally abusive. My supervisor was sexually harassing the women on the Animation team, and verbally abusing those he thought was not cut out for the job. My producer was loudly verbally abusive to our PM, and several other higher positions shared in misconduct to those on their teams. Morally degrading."

Former Employee - Technical Director Senior says

"however: - certain job types such as technical are choked by a limited grading system. you can only work up to a certain amount of experience, then they "red circle" your employment status and your salary is capped. this happened to me twice. their management is not quick to fix this nor did they actually do anything about it for the past 9 years. i do not know if it will change since they do not acknowledge technical contributions to their studio success. i repeatedly asked for their status on adding a new job grade to technical, but my requests were ignored. if your studio skills are mainly technical, then you must make a decision as to whether or not you can remain in a job that offers a salary that is capped once you meet the upper limits of your job grade. if that is okay for you, then this is your place. if not, then you must make this employer a stepping stone to continue your employment elsewhere. their render farm is made up of old technology. and they are 1 of many other assets that Corus Entertainment owns under their corporate umbrella. this brings up the question about whether or not Corus Entertainment will throw more money into nelvana. at the time of this review, their stock has plummeted from a high of 26.16$ (March, 2013) to its current level of 11.88$ (March, 2016). their all time low is 9.25$ (February, 2016)"

Former Contractor - Anonymous Contractor says

"where creative dreams go to die."

Former Contractor - Animator says

"Absolutely no love for art. They host art shows, where you can submit art you completed on your own time, but the actual shows produced in house don't seem to care in the slightest. Most people animate in very different styles and it all goes through. The management boasts teamwork, but most deadlines are so tight, you don't have time to talk to your team. General misunderstanding from higher ups over the importance of faster computers, or toonboom software for that matter, only the worker ants seem to have to know the program, meaning mistakes are made when planning shows and designs, leaving the animators to work with it as they go. Cumbersome rigs can lead, when combined between workers, hundreds of hours wasted during the life of a production. They dont understand the importance a good rigger has to a show. Some large shows are staffed soley with a jr rigger, who is left in charge. Resulting in heavy and almost unusable rigs. Company owner boasts how much money the company Corus has made, yet the contract employees are told there's no money for benefits. Nelvana is now one of the only studios in toronto that makes no attempt in offering their workers benefits. Work-life attitude is poor, they boast the importance of time away from work, but most workers right out of school pull extreme amounts of overtime with no compensation or in some cases recognition. The deadline is always important, but Supervisors put extra stress on jrs over hitting it, this usually ends up in jrs learning bad habits as they continue to try to hit the deadline rather than use the program efficiently. One of the only studios ive been to where no one is avaliable to help jrs as they ramp up."

Former Contractor - Animator says

"I have worked at the nelvana for several years. They drag their feet giving anyone fulltime status while many studios offer this. Their pay is considered low especially for a city as expensive as Toronto and a yearly cost of living increase is not given. Your pay will not increase much once you have negotiated a contracted salary Many of the projects taken on are just throw away shows more about quantity to meet corus overall quota then any kind of quality for the most part"

Former Contractor - FX Animator says

"hard to move up in the company, did not allow me to become full time despite working 2 years."

Former Contractor - Anonymous Contractor says

"No benefits for contract employees, basically impossible to get hired full time, no avenues for developing young talent, company culture only exists among full time employees."

Former Contractor - Anonymous Contractor says

"- Management of the projects are terrible, there is no communication between departments, a lot of the projects were struggling to keep their heads above water - takes on bad projects just for the sake of Canadian content - zero benefits, sick days, or vacation pay for contract workers"

Production Coordinator says

"Hard to get ahead; clique mentality; lots of egos in management"

Former Contractor - Character Animator says

"Really impersonal because the company is so large. Kind of feel like you’re thrown to the wolves at times. Really hit or miss with what supervisors you get."

Assistant Director (Former Employee) says

"Arrive, do assigned duties and off at 5. Cons: no respect for employees that are not "connected" with management." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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